We’re excited to offer our Regency Fitness Club members the opportunity to receive personal training with Scott Stevens, a seasoned fitness professional with over 15 years of expertise in kettlebell training, through add-on packages with Omaha Elite Kettlebell.

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  • The Amazing 12

    Experience The Amazing 12, the world’s #1 body transformation program. The program safely increases strength, hypertrophy, fat loss, and cardiovascular conditioning, using a variety of workout methods while focusing on proper technique.

  • Private Lessons

    Based off of your wellness goals, these personalized lessons instruct you over the core principles of kettlebell, barbell, bodyweight, and flexibility training through a blend of cumulative lessons tailored to your skills and abilities.

  • Group Classes

    Group classes can offer a combination of kettlebells and bodyweight exercises, in a fun and intense class setting. Elite Kettlebell’s unique approach makes classes challenging but flexible enough for individuals of all fitness levels.

  • Introductory Special

    Discover the essential principles of kettlebell training during a comprehensive three-week initiation period. This package includes two classes per week for three weeks, allowing you to determine if Elite Kettlebell is the ideal choice for your fitness journey.

Pricing structure is outlined in initial consultation. Rates are based on type of class (drop-in, private or group class) and may be hourly or monthly. Separate rates apply for the Amazing 12.

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Meet Scott Stevens

In 2007, Scott discovered the transformative potential of kettlebell workouts, seamlessly integrating them into his extensive 28+ years of martial arts experience. Witnessing undeniable results and fueled by a passion for this dynamic training method, Scott made the decision to become certified, dedicating himself to sharing the benefits with others. Today, as a dedicated and continuously certified kettlebell instructor, Scott's knowledge spans various fitness domains, including bodyweight strength training, barbell training, functional movement screening, flexibility training, endurance programming, strength programming, and physique transformation.

Next time you’re at Regency Landing, stop by to meet Scott in the Regency Fitness Club and see if personal training with Elite Kettlebell is a fit for you.